Kennebunk ME

Iced Moss: Kennebunk ME

Still raining. I was working fast to avoid getting my camera too wet. The light was miserable. This is moss. Very tiny. Taken from 2 cm close focus of the macro at the 32mm equiv. F2.8 @ 1/40th @ ISO 400. Programed Auto.

In Lightroom this shot required some lightening, a bit of color temperature correction to warm it, my usual Clarity and Vibrance, and Landscape Sharpen preset. Because of the higher ISO it also required some noise reduction, both Luminance and Color.

It is still not critically sharp. The slow shutter speed and the awkward position (even using the LCD), combined with my hurry lest a big drop of half frozen slush fall on the camera and forever short it out, all combined to soften the image. Still, it is a very pleasing shot at screen resolution, and would look fine printed at wall hanging size, from the usual several feet of viewing distance. 1 to 1 on the screen, or in a print from an inch away, you would see the softness.

From Winter Weather

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