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Kennebunk ME

Iced Ornamental: Kennebunk ME

Walking into town for milk, camera with me of course, on the morning after the storm. Clear. Cold. The sun had begun the job in the late afternoon of the storm day, melting and shedding the encasing ice. This little ornamental tree, planted by the town along our street, had not fared well. Branches lay all around its base and the top was still bowed down. Because of the intense cold, the hanging berries were still half coated with ice, and it was not yet melting even in full sun.

No challenge here really. I just crossed the street and took a number of point blank shots with the macro at the wide end of the Sony H50’s zoom. The only issue was finding a good background. I cropped out some of the road and a telephone pole on the right. That leaves the berries more centered than I might like, but this is pretty much a portrait shot of the moment.

F4.5 @ 1/250th @ ISO 100. Programed Auto.

In Lightroom, I applied my standard a bit extra Clarity and Vibrance, and used the Sharpen Landscape preset. Pretty simple.

In pics from the day before I had had to pump up the highlights to show the effect of the low light in the ice. In full sun no help was necessary.

It does not get any easier than this. Always pick the low hanging fruit, or berries in this case.

From Winter Weather.