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The Capital

The Capital

My one and only visit to Washington DC was a very compressed three day marketing course, held in a building right off the Mall, which kept me effectively locked up inside all day. The only time I had to actually see anything was after class and I spent two evenings walking the Mall from end to end.  Of course the challenge in a place like Washington, with what has to be one of the most photographed sets of monuments and buildings in the world, is to find fresh angles.  Neither day I was out was particularly clear (which is what happens when you build a city in a swamp), so the long vistas were difficult, unless the haze was part of the image.  For this shot, I had already done the immediated grounds of the Capital, and shot the building from every angle. Down by the brass works near the reflecting pool, I was spending some time on the monuments there, trying all the angles. This shot, even though there is significant distorted perspective from the moderately wide angle lens setting, provides, imho, an interesting angle on both the statues and the building. There are three subjects and the real effect of the image can only be seen if you step back and look at it as a graphic. Then the three elements strike what I like to think is a visual chord.

Taken with the Sony H9, at about a 40 mm equiv. for effective cropping. F5.6 @ 1/1000 @ ISO 100. Programed Auto.

In Lightroom I applied a bit of Recovery for the texture in the marbles, and added Clarity and Vibrance. Landscape Sharpen preset.

This is from the Capital Gallery.