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Humbolt Forest

Redwood: Humbolt Forest

It is all but impossible to capture any sense at all of how tall, how massive, a redwood tree is. I have tried images from every angle. I have tried panned video from bottom to top. This is one of the more satisfying attempts, but it still falls far short of the reality. It took me several moments to figure out how to hold the camera to get this angle. It is not as intuitive as it might seem, or at least, it wasn’t to me. I found myself getting my arms into all kinds of contortions. Of course, this was only possible due to the articulating LCD on the H50.

Sony H50. F4 @ 1/125 @ ISO 100. Programed Auto.

In Lightroom, I applied some recovery for the sky, some Fill Light for the shadowed tree trunks, a bit of Clarity and Vibrance, and the  Sharpen Landscapes preset.

From the Northern California Gallery.