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Old Port Portland

Street Display: Old Port Portland

I had some hours to spend in the Old Port area of Portland ME one day last winter, waiting for my daughter while she was at piano lessons. I do not do city photography. Never have. So I had to force myself to overcome my reluctance to be seen in such a public place operating a camera, and I had to tune my eye to see photographic possibilities in the busy street scene.

I discovered, of course, that it is still, for me, all about light, color, texture and shape.

This is a rack of woven capes displayed outside a boutiquest shop (I made that word up…”like a boutique” or maybe “a boutique want-a-be”).

Exposure was straight forward, though the low light levels of the overcast day made the image stabilization of the H9 necessary. F3.2 @ 1/6th second (yes that is right: one sixth of a second, hand held) @ ISO 100. Programed Auto.

In Lightroom this got only some added Vibrance, Clarity and Sharpening.

It is from the Around Home Gallery.