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Plum in Snow

Plum in Snow

Parson’s Beach after the 20 inches of snow we got day before yesterday. A beach plum (rose hip) at the tip of an otherwise buried bush. Another exposure challenge, but the Snow scene mode on the H50 handled it well.

F5.6 @ 1/640th @ ISO 100. Snow Scene Programed Mode.

I tried to take this at the tele end of the zoom for framing, but could not get in tight enough. To make it work I had to capture all the detail in the plum, and the texture of the snow. Therefore I zoomed out all the way to 31mm equivalent to take advantage of the super-macro focusing at that end, stepped off into the snowdrift to get close enough, set the camera so the LCD was on, and took the image at arms length. It is options like this that keep me carrying and using the H50.

This required only a tiny crop on the left, and sharpening in Lightroom.

It is from the Winter Weather Gallery.