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Shell Heap

Shell Heap

The beaches on Sanibel Island are some of the best shelling (I am told) in the world. I can believe it. This shot is from a “drift” of shells, pushed up by high tides and storms, that is at lest 3 feet deep and about 30×30 feet square…and that is just what is exposed. People dig there for more exotic shells, leaving a cratered look and lots of little heaps of shell.

The challenge is capturing the extent of it…trying to give an impression of just how many shells we are talking about here. This is one of several shots taken while my wife dug around in the pile. The flip out LCD on the Sony makes low angle shots like this possible (or maybe comfortable.)

Sony DSC H50 at about 60mm equiv. F8.0 @ 1/2000 @ ISO 100. Programed Auto with -1.7 EV

In Lightroom I had to increase the exposure value. This is one reason to be careful with EV settings. It is very easy to forget that you have the EV setting off 0, and misexpose following shots. Sharpening, Vibrance, and Clarity.

The image is from the Sanibel and Everglades Gallery.