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Still in rainy Orlando and spending my days pretty much inside, so this is from the archives, as they say. The door of St. Anne’s Church in Kennebunkport Maine. This particular denomination build a series of these rustic rock churches all up the coast of Maine at one point, maybe a hundred years ago. St. Anne’s is among the largest and most beautiful. It sits on a point of land at the mouth of the Kennebeck river, overlooking open ocean on one side and the beaches and harbor of Kennebunkport on the other. It is a very popular wedding venue.

It is also very well maintained. This shot of the door and flowers by the door catches all the amazing range of textures involved in a stone building of this vintage, and is really a study of the way light interacts with the various materials, angles, and shapes. Close cropped for composition, straightened a bit for perspective. An overcast day, so the light was gentle and diffuse, molding the shapes without casting heavy shadow.

Sony DSC H9 at about 70mm equiv. F3.2 @ 1/80th @ ISO 125. Programed Auto.

Cropped and straightened in Lightroom. Vibrance and Clarity and Sharpened.

The image is from the Around Home Gallery.