Shadow fense

Shadow fence

Minimal. This would work just as well in black and white. Now that I look at it more closely, there are almost enough distracting elements, protruding sticks, etc. to make it unsatisfactory. Almost. I still like it for the simplicity of the graphical design…even with the warts.

The trick here was framing and exposure. I wanted the highlighted texture in the snow, as well as the shadows.

Sony DSC H9 at almost full tel (400mm plus). F7.1 @ 1/2000 @ ISO 200. Programed Auto.

Heavy Recovery in Lightroom for the highlights. Removed some Chromatic Aberration that showed along the fence post in the corner. Cropped for composition. Clarity and Vibrance and sharpened.

The image is from the Winter Weather Gallery.


1 Response to “1/18/2009”

  1. 01/18/2009 at 1:15 pm

    Almost, I said almost, makes me want to go find some snow. Be assured when it snows in Tijuana I will be out there no matter what the wind chill factor. Excellent capture and there are no warts. The story told.

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