Jack London Vineyard

Jack London Vineyard

Jack London’s estate in the Valley of the Moon, Sonoma California, in the heart of wine country, is now a State Park. I visited several years ago, and, despite on and off rain yesterday, I went back on this trip to Vallejo (business takes me to Vallejo most years in February).

The light was subdued at best. Wisps of could hung down across the higher trees, and banks of cloud closed all horizons. I got wet periodically, and had to be careful of water on the camera. Still, the vineyard Jack planted, which is not part of the Park and still produces wine under the Jack London label, was beautiful in an moody way. The massive Eucalyptus trees with their bark patterns, the manzanita with its deep brown bark shinny with the rain, the mosses and lichen covering everything…it was indeed atmospheric despite, or even because of, the rain. I had a lot of fun.

In this shot, the plum blossoms set off the green of the terraced vines. This is one of many views. I suspect you will see more in the next few days.

Sony DSC H50 at wide angle (32mm equiv.). F4.5 @ 1/200th @ ISO 100. Programed Auto.

When shooting foggy scenes I like to preserve as much detail in the fog wisps and the dense clouds above as possible. I have learned that Programed Auto gives me an exposure I can work with in Lightroom. 100% Recovery pulls the highlights down, and brings out both detail and transparency in the fog. That generally means increasing Contrast, and even Brightness (gently). More that usual Presence is added using the Clarity and, especially, Vibrance sliders. Landscape sharpen preset for this image.

From Vallejo and Sonoma.


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