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Jack London Vineyards

Jack London Vineyards

Another view of the Jack London Vineyard at Jack London State Park in Glen Elen, CA in the Sonoma Valley on a rainy day. The wet and the subdued light bring out the saturated color of the yellow flowers that grow between the vines, and the deep rusty browns of the vines themselves. Misty fog partially obscures the trees along the horizon. Again, when the light is bad, you have to go for drama.

This image is carefully cropped, both top and bottom. The bottom crop eliminates a distracting foreground fence that ran parallel to the bottom of the frame. It had some character, with scraggly vines growing along it as though it were another contrary row of the vineyard itself, and might have made a subject in itself, but in this image it just distracted. Cropping the bottom meant losing some sky, bringing the ceiling down, so to speak, to keep the mass of trees higher in the image, above center, for composition.

Sony DSC H50 at full wide angle (31mm equiv.). F5.0 @ 1/160 @ ISO 100. Programed Auto.

The image required similar processing to yesterday’s because of the foggy atmosphere. Heavy Recovery, Vibrance, and Clarity, with a bit of added Brightness. Landscape sharpen preset.

From the Vallejo and Sonoma Gallery.