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Eucalyptus is an import from Australia, but it grows to magnificent dimensions in California, and can dominate a landscape in a relatively short time. I don’t know whether Jack London planted the groves at Jack London State Park or whether they predated his occupation, but the trees are some of the finest I have seen.

The bark patterns are unique. I could have spent the whole day finding and recording interesting patterns. The rain in the air only deepened the colors and added interesting sheens. This is one example of what I was seeing.

The light was not great…or rather it was interesting light but it made for a difficult exposure. Without the image stabilization on the H50 I would not have attempted it without a tripod.

Sony DSC H50 at about 100mm equiv. F3.2 @ 1/50th @ ISO 400. Programed Auto.

Cropped in Lightroom for composition. Basic Presence settings and Sharpened.

From Vallejo and Sonoma.