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Mossy Stair

Mossy Stair

The visitor center at Jack London State Park looks as old as the hills it stands on, probably because it is make out of the rocks of the hills themselves and any rock in this climate grows moss and ferns. I reframed this shot as a close up to eliminate the brown downpipe, but on reflection, I like this better. The downpipe adds color and angularity which only highlights the natural forms of the stone. IMHO.

Shooting in this rainy subdued light pushed the ISO (on Auto) to 200, but gave me interesting saturation in the moss and stone.

Sony DSC H50 at about a 35mm equivalent. F2.8 @ 1/40th @ ISO 200. Programed Auto. Again, the image stabilization in the H50 made a tricky exposure possible without tripod.

From Vallejo and Sonoma.