I went out yesterday on a cold, windy, but sunny winter morning looking for images. The last snow was a week ago and it has rained and been in the 40s since, but there is still a foot to two feet of very compact, icy snow everywhere. Hard enough to walk on.

This is from a little spot called Roger’s Pond, a municipal park along the Mousam River in Kennebunk, not far from Main Street. I have quite a few winter pictures from Roger’s Pond, mainly because the town plows it out after every storm and you can always get down to the river there. Though it can’t be more than 3 acres, out behind some factories and the power station, it is always worth checking.

This is splash ice along the river, forming on a shelf of hard snow that extended out over the water, just too stubborn to melt. I am always fascinated by the many lobed formations, lace like, that spray ice takes as it forms on any exposed edge near the steam.

I zoomed in and then cropped this from the left for better composition and used both Snow Scene preset and -1 EV exposure compensation to keep detail in the snow.

This is the first of several quiet (but sastifying) little images from this short (less than 2 hours) excursion into the winter weather. I am always amazed that there are images everywhere, any day, every day, if you are willing to take the time to look.

Sony DSC H50 at about 200mm equiv. F4.5 @ 1/500th @ ISO 100. Snow Scene preset and -1 EV exposure compensation.

In Lightroom I pulled the highlights back even more with the Recovery slider, added minor Clarity and Vibrance (for the colors in the water and the bit of red in the submerged branch), and the Portrait Sharpen preset.

From Winter Weather: Kennebunk.

3 Responses to “2/15/2009”

  1. 1 Chris
    02/15/2009 at 5:12 am

    Absolutly beautiful-I really like this one…. what is the red in the water though? It would be PERFECT without that….

  2. 2 singraham
    02/15/2009 at 5:35 am

    I actually like that little touch of color. Willow I think. It gives the eye a resting place that throws the composition into perspective. imho.

  3. 02/15/2009 at 4:18 pm

    very nice looks cold

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