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Okay…I do not like zoo shots. I don’t like shooting at zoos, and I don’t, actually, approve of zoos. There are a few that win my grudging admiration for the humane enclosures and the conservation work they do with rare and endangered species, but I wish the world were such a place that there were no need for the work they do (and where I had enough money and time to see all the animals in their natural habitats).

Still, I do go to zoos. With a free morning, and being only a mile from the Rio Grande Zoo and Biological Park in Albuquerque (and having limited options because of the lack of a car), I went. And I enjoyed it for it what it was.

I got some really fine images of Wood Ducks (free) and Flamingos (captive), and I got this catch of an African Vulture really near the fence of his enclosure and very aware of me on the other side of the fence. To me it says something about zoos that resonates. I have no idea if the bird felt the way he looks (unlikely), or if it is a total projection on my part (likely), but what I see in his eye is a whole testament on the nature of captivity.

I shot this by holding the lens of the H50 between fingers on either side of one of the little diamonds of open in a woven cable wire fence, front of the lens actually touching the wires of the fence.

Sony DSC H50 at just slightly over 400mm equivalent. F4.5 @ 1/500th @ ISO 100. Programed Auto.

In Lightroom I used the Recovery slider to bring out detail in the highlighted area above the eye, added Presence with the Clarity and Vibrance sliders, and used the Sharpen portrait preset.

From Albuquerque.