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Sunset Cliffs, San Diego CA (click for SmugMug views)

Sunset Cliffs, San Diego CA (click for SmugMug views)

Another recent shot from San Diego. There is a tiny city park along the cliffs behind the Nazarene College on Point Loma, overlooking the Pacific. I found my way there while waiting for the military gate on the road to Cabrillo National Monument to open. The cliffs are heavily eroded, relatively unstable earth, carved by water into intricate shapes that always remind me of Stalagmites, and the flowing formations of calcite found in caves. In this shot the formations form a strong foreground for the open ocean ocean and low clouds, with the deeply shadowed side of the jutting headland taking the midground.

Sony DSC H50 at full wide (31mm equivalent). F5.6 @ 1/500 @ ISO 100. Programed Auto.

In Lightroom, I pulled back the sky with some Recovery, added Clarity and Vibrance in the Presence panel, and use the Sharpen landscape preset. A good deal of Fill Light was needed to bring up detail in the shadowed headland. Since the sky was still too light, I applied a very selective Graduated Filter effect reaching down just beyond the horizon, and set to about -.6 EV (exposure). This darkened the blue of the sky and made the clouds right on the horizon stand out more.

From San Diego 2009.


This image was selected for Flickr’s Explore when I posted it to my stream there.