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California Poppy (click image for larger views)

California Poppy (click image for larger views)

Still at Sunset Cliffs Park on Point Loma in San Diego California. The poppies were in full glory along the rough trails of the park, along with a variety of other wild and semi-wild flowers.

For this shot I used about a 200mm equivalent to isolate a small patch of particularly well lit poppies. The strong side, almost back light, made the flowers appear to glow with a light of their own against the dark green backdrop. Then in Lightroom, I cropped in even tighter, to emphasize the diagonal of the flowers, and to eliminate deep shadows on the left and right. This kind of shot is difficult because there is no one center of interest, but I feel that here, the rough line of flowers across the diagonal pulls the image together.

Sony DCS H50 at 200mm equivalent. F4.0 @ 1/400 @ ISO 100. Programed Auto.

In Lightroom, besides the cropping, I used a little recovery to pull the orange highlights back, and my usual bit of Clarity and less Vibrance than normal in the Presence panel. Vibrance favors yellows and oranges, and too much would have burned out the orange highlights. Portrait sharpen preset.

From San Diego 2009.

And as a bonas: a few more wild and semi-wild flowers from Sunset Cliffs.