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Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear cactus in bloom, near Kingsville TX. The challenge with PPC is always keeping the yellow from over saturating the sensor and clipping, so that you lose all detail in the highlights. For this quick shot while birding, I used -1.3 EV exposure compensation and then pulled exposure back up in Lr to get the effect I wanted, and maintain the full rich detail in the flower petals.

Also in Lr I cropped in from the left to improve comp0sition.

Sony DSC H50 full wide and macro. F5.6 @ 1/1000 @ ISO 100. Programed Auto with -1.3 EV compensation.

Added Exposure in Lightroom, Vibrance and Clarity. Landscape sharpen preset.

From Corpus Christi ABA.