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Central Park Boathouse (with rock)

Central Park Boathouse (with rock)

One last shot from my rainy morning stroll in Central Park. This might be a study in contrast…the massive rock ledge, the pillared upright architecture of the boathouse, and the ephemeral reflections in the morning still water…or it might be a study of shape and texture, again drawing out the varied surfaces and the geometry of the different components. Or it might be a study in the way light reacts in a wet world with the things it illuminates. In the end it is nothing more (or less) than a second of time, a particular angle, a juxtaposition of elements that caught my eye, and still catches it.

Sony DSC H50 at full wide. F4.0 @ 1/125 @ ISO 100. Programed auto. -.7 EV.

Minimal processing in Lightroom. Vibrance, Clarity, and Sharpen.

From Central Park.