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Trout Lily, from above

Blue-bead Lily, from above

An alternative view of what I now know to be Blue-bead Lily (Clintonia borealis) at Rachel Carson NWR. I like the way the flower floats above the smooth curves of the leaves.

On the last two shots, I have gotten some advice over at one of the digital photography listserves I frequent. Some feel that the backgrounds are still too much in focus and detract from the flowers. Part of it is, they assert, the limitations of my equipment. The Sony DSC H50 is an advanced Point and Shoot and the assumption is that the small (tiny) sensor in these cameras makes for smaller lenses and smaller physical apertures which makes it difficult to produce a shallow enough depth of field.

Undoubtedly they will say the same of this. Of course, I am not trying for the traditional flower shot, with the flower isolated against a dark or completely blurry background. These are more enviornmental shots, intended to capture some of the context of the flower, with the background making a real contribution to the overall image. Not portrait of a flower, but flower in forest or flower in meadow, or flower in the world.

Whether or not they work for you that way, or meet your expectations of flower photography, is, of course, another question…and one I can not answer.

Sony DSC H50 at about 465mm equivalent. Macro. F6.3 @ 1/40th @ ISO 100. (The H50s image stabalization makes this kind of shot possible without a tripod.) Programed auto. -.7EV exposure compensation.

Cropped slightly for effect. Added Vibrance (very little, since it would have over amped the yellow), Clarity, and sharpen in Lightroom.

From Rachel Carson NWR Seasons.