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Pearls in a Nest

Pearls in a Nest

A seaweed shot from a more conventional angle, still emphasizing the effects of the low morning light. This is really a composition study. I continue to like the rule of thirds grid in the Sony H50 viewfinder/lcd. I simply do not see it most of the time, but in a case like this it provides a guide to placing the interesting bits. I cropped in camera by using the long end of the zoom, but I still had to crop slightly  in Lightroom  to get the full effect.

The intense yellow of the pods against the dark background was a problem. I had to use selective luminance control in Lightroom to tone it down a bit. (Lightroom has a mouse control that allows you to click on the color region you want to affect, then just move the mouse up or down to increase or decrease luminance, or saturation or hue for that matter.)

Sony DSC H50 at about 380mm equivalent.   F4.5 @ 1/125th @ ISO 200. Programed auto.

Besides cropping in Lightroom, I added my usual Clarity and Vibrance and sharpened. I pulled the blackpoint slightly to the right.

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