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Off Cadillacs North Sholder (Frenchmans Bay)

Off Cadillac's North Sholder (Frenchman's Bay)

Leaving Jordan Pond and the Bubbles behind for the moment, we make our way to the top of Cadillac Mountain, one of, if not the highest point on the East Coast (that is to say, directly overlooking the Atlantic). Reputed to be the point of first contact in the US for each sunrise. There is an excellent paved road to the top, and it has been a major tourist attraction for more than a century.

It is always dramatic, but there are still days when it looks like you can see forever, the clouds provide a sense of infinite depth, and the sea is deep blue to the horizon. This was not quite one of them.  You can see, looking north here that there is a haze over the landscape…but still…those clouds, that sky. Who could resist?

Sony DSC H50 at full wide.  F5.6 @ 1/1000th @ ISO 100. Programed auto.

Cropped in Lightroom from both top and bottom to improve composition. Recovery for the sky (which also cut some of the haze). Some Fill Light to compensate. Blackpoint to the right. Added Clarity and Vibrance and Landscape sharpen preset.

From Mt. Desert Island and Bar Harbor 2009.