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Daisy Riot

Daisy Riot

From the serenity of the Azalea garden to the riot of the massed Daises.  This low angle shot emphasizes the riot.

To take it I actually submerged the camera in the patch (gently gently so as not to bruise a stem) and used the flip out LCD for composition. This is right a the edge of the acceptable depth of field, with foreground flowers going just a bit soft, but the eye is pulled up to the dancing flower in the center and the image works overall. I think.

Given another chance at it I would have used program shift for a smaller aperture, but since the H50 only goes to F8, at this distance, it probably would not have helped much.

Sony DSC H50 at full wide and macro. F5.0 @ 1/1000th @ ISO 100. Programed auto.

Cropped from left and right in Lightroom for composition. Punch and Sharpen presets.

A higher angle view…but in my opinion, it lacks the energy of the low angle.

Daisy Riot from Above

Daisy Riot from Above

Still from the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden gallery.