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In the Heart of the Rose

In the Heart of the Rose

Macros always provide a striking view. Somehow the most ordinary objects become interesting when seen at larger than life size from an uncommon distance. With some things…flowers in particular…macros reveal shape and form we normally overlook. This shot was taken from centimeters away, with the camera lens actually down inside the flower. It was early evening, and the light was soft. The hardest part was selecting the point of focus. With a shot like this, it has to be the stamens, otherwise the whole shot looks out of focus. If the stamens are sharp we can tolerate some softness in the petals.

Sanyo VPC CG10 at about 38mm equivalent. F3.5 @ 1/40th @ ISO 50. Programed auto.

Just basic added Vibrance and Clarity and Landscape sharpen preset in Lightroom.

From The Yard, Kennebunk ME.