Fall on the Ingelton Water Falls Walk

Fall on the Ingelton Water Falls Walk

I can’t remember how many falls they claim for the Ingelton Water Falls Walk, but there are many. You go up one river, across the high moor, and down another river back to the junction where you started. This was one of the more prominent falls on the upward loop. We got there well before the car park opened, and the attendant eventually took pity and let us in early, so we were gloriously alone on the trial. A walk I will certainly remember and treasure forever. By afternoon, when we looked back at the moorland section of this trail from across the valley, it was like a city sidewalk with hikers. (So many people use the trail that two enterprising farmers have allowed snack booths along it were it passes through their land, one tended by foot, carrying everything quite a distance in, and one a truck that daily penetrates the deep cut lanes between stone walls to reach a likely vantage point on the top of the moor.)

Minolta A1 at 28mm equivalent. F2.8 @ 1/20th @ ISO 100. Programed auto.

Recovery for the highlights in the falls. Blackpoint adjustment. Punch and Landscape sharpen presets.


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