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Heather on the Dales

Heather on the Dales

Driving north over the top of the western Yorkshire Dales on a moody, dark, rainy day, we came to these fields of Heather…the first we had seen in England. Hours later, after a visit to the town where All Creatures Great and Small is set, we came back over the same road as the weather was breaking ¬†and stopped for a series of pictures. I found the stone wall compelling in contrast to the heather.

Minolta A1 at 28mm equivalent. F8.0 @ 1/640 @ ISO 100. Programed auto, tilted exposure to emphasize the sky.

Even with the tilted exposure, which left the foreground too dark, the Minolta’s sensor could not capture the detail in the sky. The original of this looks dark with a washed out sky. Very disappointing.

In Lightroom, after applying the Punch and Sharpen landscape presets, I was able to use Fill Light to restore detail in the foregound and a Graduated Filter effect to bring up the detail in the sky. Blackpoint just to the right. Slight added contrast. A touch of brightness overall. Cropped from the bottom to eliminate a distracting white stone in the wall.

This is clearly an example of software over sensor photography. Still I have to say that the Minolta’s 5mp sensor did capture the detail needed. The internal software simply could not render it into an effective image. Lightroom to the rescue…that is not my style…generally post-processing is previsualized and part of my creative process at the point of capture. The Minolta however, did not lend itself to that process.

Still, it is the final image that counts. And I find this one true to the memory of the day.

From England 2005.