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Happy Labor Day!

Do you ever get the feeling “it is time to make an image”? No particular reason, and you don’t really feel like going anywhere photogenic, but it is time to find something to take a picture of? That feeling?

It hit the other day. So I took a walk around the yard to see what I could find.

Thinking about it, it  is not really your shutter finger that is itchy…it is your eye…you photographic eye…the eye that sees images. If you don’t exercise it it regularly you begin to feel the need. It was not that I went out looking for an image:  I went out to look for an image. It is the looking that matters…or at least, that matters as much as the image itself.

So, there were these tomatoes…green tomatoes…and the light was doing good things with them. I took a series of shots. I like this one.

The whole process took about 15 minutes. I went out. Didn’t go anywhere really. Just the yard. Exercised my eye. Came back feeling a whole lot better.

Sony DSC H50 at full wide and macro. F2.7 @ 1/60th @ ISO 100. Programed auto. -.7EV exposure compensation.

Even with the -.7EV I used Recovery in Lightroom for the highlights. Moved the blackpoint right. Added Clarity and Vibrance in the Presence panel. Sharpen landscapes preset.

From The Yard.