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Angel Unaware
Angel Unaware
Young Demons
Young Demons

Even though it is, without a doubt, an unjust and inaccurate stereotype combined with some distorted form of anthropomorphism, I could not resist the juxtaposition of these two images from the Disiscoping workshop we did yesterday morning.  The first is a Great Egret, preening. The wing, of course, suggests an angel, but the sparkley blue water background does its part too. The second is two Immature Turkey Vultures and a Black Vulture (top with wings spread), very likely cooling and drying in the early sun.

Neither was an easy shot. The light was behind the egret and strongly to the side of the vultures. I used some Exposure Compensation on the Egret (+1EV) to lighten the body of the bird. Center weighted exposure was all that was needed for the vultures. The vultures stood still enough, holding this pose for several moments while I took a number of exposures. The egret, on the other hand, was actively preening and I had only one chance at this wing stretch (as we call this pose in digiscoping circles…because of the challenge of catching it, the wing stretch is kind of a trophy image for most digiscopers).

Both were taken with the Zeiss PhotoScope:  egret at about 1400mm equivalent and vultures at 1800mm, @ 1/1050th @ ISO 10o and 1/75th @ ISO 200. Both were taken at the widest aperture of the scope, which would have been approximately F4.7 and F5.6. Programed auto, with Exposure Compensation for the egret.

Both received Clarity, Vibrance, and Sharpening adjustments in Lightroom. The egret was cropped from the right for composition.

From Colonial Coast 09.