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Facing the Day

Happy Sunday! and Happy November! Can you believe it?

After 1) birds, and 2) Lighthouse, and 3) Gingerbread houses, the thing I imaged most often in Cape May on this last trip was the dawn. I was staying right across from the beach, and it was easy to crack my curtains to check the progress of daylight and get caught by the dawn. There were two wonderful sunrises while I was there and both of them pulled me out of the room early.

Of course, I was not alone. There were always a number of dawn walkers ahead of me on the beach…or maybe beach walkers caught by the dawn as I was.

This couple were clearly caught: I suspect by the little flock of Sanderlings along the tide line. I zoomed in to 240mm equivalent to frame the shot, knowing I could crop slightly in software to finish the composition.

Sony DSC H50, as above, at 240mm equivalent. F4.0 @ 1/30th @ ISO 100. Programmed auto. The image¬†stabilization¬†of the H50 made this easy, even without a tripod…or perhaps just gave me the confidence to shoot it.

In Lightroom I applied a slight color temperature adjustment, Recovery for the sky, along with added Clarity and Vibrance. Very slight Fill Light for the foreground. Sharpen Landscapes preset. I experimented with graduated filter effects but ended up not using them on this shot.

From Cape May 10/09.