Winter Surf

Taking a break from the Desert Botanical Gardens and AZ…back to Maine for a winter surf shot, the day after a major storm passed off-shore. It is way the light interacts with the water that caught my eye. I took a dozen or more shots of the surf, trying to catch what I was seeing. This is at least close.

Sony DSC H50 at 465mm equivalent. F5.6 @ 1/2000 @ ISO 100. Programmed auto.

Blackpoint to the right in Lightroom. Added Clarity and Vibrance. Sharpen Landscape preset. Cropped from the bottom for composition. I also had to deal, in this extreme shot, with some Chromatic Aberration showing along the out-of-focus  horizon. The Lightroom CA control took care of it easily.

From Around Home Kennebunk ME.


3 Responses to “12/30/2009”

  1. 1 Amanda Maggi
    12/30/2009 at 8:23 am

    Love the color play! That blue/green color in the middle is awesome and likely all I remember about summers in Virginia Beach. Makes you think you are sitting in the sand debating the water temp and whether or not to go for it.

  2. 2 Wendy H
    12/30/2009 at 8:29 am


  3. 3 singraham
    12/30/2009 at 8:55 am

    Yes Amanda…but it was only about 30 degrees air temp that day…so we were not thinking of taking a dip!

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