Coins in the Waterfall

This is an impulse I have never understood. Pool, fountain, or in this case the head of the artificial waterfall at the Palizzo in Vegas. The moving water here adds what is perhaps an extra dimension.

Sony DSC H50 at about 55mm equivalent. F2.8 @ 1/60 @ ISO 100. Programmed auto.

Blackpoint right in Lightroom. Added Clarity and Vibrance. Sharpen landscape preset.

From Las Vegas 2010.

4 Responses to “1/23/2010”

  1. 01/23/2010 at 9:13 am

    nice work AGAIN; money is nice subject of photo.

  2. 2 Wendy Hollands
    01/23/2010 at 10:28 am

    I love this catch, very nicely done!

  3. 01/25/2010 at 9:36 pm

    A lot of people remember “Three Coins is a Fountain”, but these days can only afford one? Great capture.

  4. 01/27/2010 at 4:08 pm

    I think it must be something to do with a folk memory of pagan water deities … ?

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