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Great Blue on the Sky

Great Blue Herons are easy to photograph. They pose. Habitually. They take a stance and hold it for several seconds…sometimes for minutes. Their life is flows pose to pose. You just have to be there, point the camera, and click. Like any well trained model, they really do most of the work for you.

And they are really striking birds. Excellent plumage with lots of fine detail. That massive yellow beak. And those little head plumes. Attractive.

At Viera Wetlands they have dead, topless, palm trunks scattered through the impoundments. If you do more than a single loop of the dyke roads you will, without fail, find a GBH posing on top of one or more of them. Stark against the sky. Painted on. Point and click.

Zeiss PhotoScope 85FL at about 25x or about 1000mm equivalent field of view. 1/1000sec @ ISO 100. Metered at about f5.

Very little beyond basic added Clarity and Vibrance in Lightroom. Sharpen Landscape preset.

From Zeiss Photoscope 85FL.

And two more views, just to prove the pose point.