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Winter Sea / Winter Sun

Happy Sunday!

Cold. It was very cold on the beach in Maine yesterday. So cold it was uncomfortable using the camera with gloves, and when I took them off, just for a moment to use my iPhone, the pain drove me back to the car post haste.

Still there is a beauty to the winter sun streaming across a cold still ocean and the beach.

Including the sun in the frame is challenge, and, as a survivor of the film era, I always wonder if I am going to damage the sensor (you could burn holes in your SLR shutter curtain, and the film itself, by including the unmasked sun back in the day)…but sometimes it is just too much to resist. The Sony H50 gives just a bit of flare around the sun itself, which manifests as a purple image of the diaphragm, but sometimes, as in this image, I am willing to put up with it for overall effect.

To limit the flare I under-exposed the image using Exposure Compensation of –.7 EV, and then processed in Lightroom to bring the foreground up. I tired exposures at everything from 0EV to –1.7, but the darker shots showed too much mottling when brought up with Fill Light in Lightroom.

Sony DSC H50 at 31mm equivalent. F8 @ 1/3200th @ ISO 100. Programmed auto. –.7EV

As mentioned, Fill Light to bring up exposure in the foreground. Blackpoint to the right to restore balance (this combination has the effect of a sudo-hdr…used with restraint it can expand the apparent contrast range of the image). A bit of Recovery for the sky and clouds. Added Clarity and Vibrance. The lens flare was much more magenta/purple in the original and brighter. I found it too distracting and too unnatural looking, so I used the selective HSL controls to reduce both the saturation and the luminance of the particular shade of magenta/purple involved and the correct the hue toward green/blue. If you don’t use Lightroom, the selective HSL control has a selection point which you place over the offending color in the image, click the mouse and drag up or down to adjust the color to your liking. Very powerful. Overuse can lead to a mottled look in blue sky, however, as the blue of the sky is really a mix of colors you are adjusting when you use the selective control. Color and luminance noise reduction can help, as they did in this image.

From Around Home, Kennebunk ME.