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Bright as Copper

Happy Sunday!

I keep going out looking for spring and only finding stuff held over from fall. This vine started out dark red, but the winter sun and cold has bleached it to this bright copper. I had to touch it, when I first saw it, to convince myself it was not a tangle of wire somehow blown up into the bushes. I took many shots at close range before it occurred to me to back off and use the tele end of the Canon SX20IS’ macro to isolate the vine against an out of focus background. Being able to shoot at ~500mm from under 4 feet is one of the more interesting features of the Canon, and I am just beginning to explore the possibilities it provides.

Canon SX20IS at about 475mm equivalent. F5.7 @ 1/320th @ ISO 80. Programmed auto.

Some Recovery for the background. A touch of Fill Light. Blackpoint to the right. Added Clarity and just a bit of Vibrance. Sharpen landscape preset.

From Around Home 2010.