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Flying Reeds

So who can resist an amazing sky. The combination of the deep blue here, with both cirrus (thin, wispy, and high) and cumulous effects (low and puffy), makes for sky that is unusually deep. Add the winter worn but still upright phragmities reeds and the vista of the flooded marsh behind and the low angle (held below waist level using the flip out LCD) and…well you get what you have here.

I used to have very different feelings about the phragmities reed…when I thought it was an invasive species. Turns out phragmities in Maine, and a good portion of the phragmities nationwide, are descendents of native reeds, or reeds of mixed descent at the very least. Their invasive nature is the result of changes (probably man-made) in the nature of the marsh, not the other way around. Anyway, they add a undeniable dimension to this image.

Canon SX20IS at 28mm equivalent. F4 @ 1/1250th @ ISO 80. Landscape program. Cropped from the sides for composition.

In Lightroom, besides the cropping, a bit of Recovery for the sky and clouds, Blackpoint to the right, added Clarity and just a very small amount of Vibrance. Sharpen landscape preset.

From Around Home 2010.

And, as you might suspect, I could not just take one.