Bluets for Mother’s Day

Happy Sunday and Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms, especially to my lovely wife, Carol.

The Azure Bluet is a tiny flower of lawns and meadows, found all through the Eastern US, growing in acidic soils. This spring they are all over our shady lawn, and I am seeing pale blue patches in most of the yards on our street. We are talking tiny here. The flowers themselves are less than half an inch wide and, here in New England, they grow no more than 2 inches tall (there is a taller variety in the South). That makes them close to twice life size in this image, as displayed on my monitor.

This is another shot using the Canon SX20IS’s flip out LCD. Essentially I got down for an eye to eye view with the bluets. I am within 1/4 inch of the center flower. Open shade made it possible to angle to place the wood fragment for pleasing composition. To my eye it anchors the composition, giving a bit more coherence to an otherwise random pattern of flowers.  Later, in Lightroom, I cropped from the bottom to improve the composition and to eliminate some more out of focus flowers.

Canon SX20IS at 28mm and Super-macro. F2.8 @ 1/1250 @ ISO 125. Programmed auto.

Besides the cropping, I used a touch of Recovery and a bit of Fill Light in Lightroom. Added Clarity and not much Vibrance at all. Sharpen landscape preset.

From The Yard, Kennebunk ME.

And, for contrast, a more conventional view.


2 Responses to “5/9/2010”

  1. 1 Wendy Hollands
    05/09/2010 at 6:49 am

    wow these are so elegantly beautiful!!!

  2. 05/09/2010 at 2:55 pm

    As you know, the down low first shot gives a real 3D feeling. Pretty flowers too.

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