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Little River Panorama

I tried a pano of this view earlier this spring. The Full Bend in the Little. Since then I have started using PhotoShop Elements Panorama feature, in conjunction with the Easy Panorama mode of the Canon SX20IS. As noted in a previous post, Elements’ pano engine is considerably smarter than the one in the Photo Stitch software Canon provides with the camera.

This shot is 5 shots taken at about 50mm equivalent. Exposure was determined by the camera in Panorama mode, but averaged about F4 at 1/640th @ ISO 80.

Of course I never have a tripod with me. I have started carrying a light-weight monopod, which, for panoramas, is not as much help as I had hoped it would be. I tried this shot three times and every time the last shot was considerably off horizontal. I had to straighten and crop to get a level horizon and lost from every edge to do so. This is the best of the lot.  Third try lucky.

Do try it at as large as your monitor will take by clicking the image above and using the size controls at the top of the window that appears.

After processing the shots in Elements for pano, I took the whole thing into Lightroom as a PhotoShop file for final processing. Recovery for the sky, a bit of Fill Light for the foreground, Blackpoint to the right, added Clarity and just a little Vibrance. Sharpen landscape preset. Finally, the left most exposure was just a bit dark, even with Element’s intelligent blending, so I applied a Lightroom graduated filter effect from the left to brighten it slightly.

From Rachel Carson NWR Seasons.