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Touchable Song Sparrow

If you look carefully you will see that there is an out of focus branch right between the camera/scope and this bird. The bird literally popped up on to this bush top no more than 15 feet from me while I was headed back to the car after some digiscoping. It waited until I got the tripod grounded, the scope focused, the camera swung in, and for maybe ten shots at different effective focal lengths. It was close.  It was fast. It was intense.

It was only when I got home with the images on the computer that I realized there had been a branch, well out of focus, right between the camera/scope and the bird. Not that I could have done anything about it. The bird was too close. It certainly would have flown if I had tried to reposition myself. Still, obscuring branch or no, the level of feather detail here is impressive. Try viewing it an a larger size.

Canon SD1400IS Digital Elph behind the eyepiece of a Diascope 65FL. Equivalent focal length 2200mm. Exif data: f5.9 @ 1/250th @ ISO 80. Programmed auto. Effective f-stop, f6.1. (When digiscoping there are two f-stops. The f-stop the camera chooses, and the f-stop which is determined by the interaction of the camera lens and the scope. The smaller of the two determines actual exposure.)

In Lightroom, a touch of Fill Light to compensate for Blackpoint to the right. Added Clarity and just a tiny bit of Vibrance. Sharpen landscape preset.

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