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Daylily in the Sun

This is the same lily as yesterday’s pic, but this time taken later in the morning when the early sun had found the flowers, and added some warmth to the purple.

Canon SX20IS. 1) 460mm equivalent @ f8 @ 1/640th @ ISO 125. Aperture preferred. 2) 28mm equivalent @ f8 @ 1/320 @ ISO 100. Aperture preferred.

The top shot is a good example of a tele-macro. It looks like a macro shot but it was taken from feet away at the long end of the zoom.

In Lightroom, Blackpoint just right, added Clarity and a touch of Vibrance. Sharpen narrow edges preset. Auto white balance (since the Canon put too much warmth in the flowers…making them more peach than purple).

From The Yard: Kennebunk ME.