Happy Sunday!

The peach Daylilies have finally bloomed in the yard. We bought these as an anniversary present to each other several years ago and they are pretty faithful to bloom on or about our anniversary every year. These shots are in subdued overcast morning light but they do a good job of capturing the subtle color.

Here is one later in the day, late afternoon actually, when the sun broke free. I like the inner light look.

Canon SX20IS. 1) and 2) 28mm and Super-macro. F5.6 @ ISO 80. Aperture preferred. 3) 400mm equivalent and macro @ F5.6 @ ISO 160. Aperture preferred.

All received about the same treatment in Lightroom. Touch of Recovery. Touch of Fill Light. Blackpoint just barely right. Added Clarity and a bit of Vibrance. Sharpen narrow edges preset.

From The Yard: Kennebunk ME.

And since it is Sunday, and these are anniversary daylilies, I am reminded that photography for me is about celebration: celebrating beauty and blessing. I go out with an attitude of worship and generally come back feeling like I have participated in creation. I am thankful to my Creator for giving me eyes and a heart like his, and my Savior for opening them wide again…and not a little in awe of such love. Smile

2 Responses to “7/11/2010”

  1. 1 Wendy Hollands
    07/11/2010 at 5:22 pm

    super beautiful, brilliant shots!!

  2. 2 joe giambelluca
    07/12/2010 at 6:19 am

    nice; all lillies are pleasant to see joe

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