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Eastern Wood Pewee

I wish I were 100% sure of this id, but near as I can tell this is an immature Eastern Wood Pewee. It hunts, most days, off a series of old fence posts set out in flooded marsh about 30 feet from the raised bed of the Kennebunk Bridle path on the ocean side of Rt. 9. Here it is very intent on the dragon and damsel flies hovering over the water below. Every 90 seconds or so it swoops. Occasionally it scores.

Canon SD4000IS behind the eyepiece of the new ZEISS DiaScope 65FL for the equivalent field of view of a 4200mm lens on a full frame DSLR. Effective f11 @ 1/320th @ ISO 400. Programmed auto. Only rarely do you have the light and a  cooperative bird for such a frame filling shot, even with a digiscoping rig. Viewed at full screen resolution on my laptop, this bird is well over life-sized.

Some Recovery in Lightroom. A touch of Fill Light. Blackpoint a fair distance right…which threw the color balance well into the yellow, so Auto White Balance to start, and then further adjustment by eye. Added Clarity and just a smidge of Vibrance (otherwise too yellow again). Sharpen narrow edges preset.

From New DiaScope 65FL.

And for a more moderate view…the same bird at maybe 2000mm equivalent.