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iPhone 4 Possibilities

I have been having fun with the iPhone 4 camera. This is the first phone I have owned with anything approaching a real camera: 5mp with a focusing lens, etc.

Couple that with the excellent photo software available for the iPhone and you can have some fun.

The first shot is a panorama of 6 images, 3 across and 2 down, done in AutoStitch. You shoot roughy overlapping images, load them into AutoStitch, and it does the rest. And does it very well. Better really than any panorama software I have used on my laptop.

The second image is a two exposure HDR done in ProHDR. Again, you just shoot two shots, touching the screen where you want to take the exposure readings, first light, then dark, and the program combines them to an extended range rendition. It also has slider controls to tweek the result for contrast, saturation, and warmth.

I generally take the output of these two programs and crop and sharpen, and sometimes adjust the curves, in PhotoGene…also right on the iPhone.

That is a lot photographic power and a lot of photographic potential. Like I said, having fun!

Clicking either image should load a larger version for your viewing pleasure.




A fountain detail from the MacArthur Plaza in Santa Ana. Late evening light in Southern California.

Canon SD4000IS Digital Elph at about 46mm equivalent field of view @ f3.5 @ 1/800th @ ISO 125. Programmed auto.

Some Recovery in Lightroom. A touch of Fill Light, Blackpoint just right, added Clarity and just a bit of Vibrance. Sharpen narrow edges preset.

From Zeiss Trip CA 2010.