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iPhone HDR: Mousam under Cloud

The camera on the new iPhone 4 is the first decent camera on a cell phone I have used…and it is pretty good. Auto Focus, Selective focus (tap to select focus point), Selective metering (tap), 5mp back-illuminated sensor for fairly high sensitivity and low noise. All and all, by the specs, pretty good.

However, it is the apps that really make the camera sing, and that actually tempt me to use it even when I am carrying my real camera! Take Pro HDR for instance. Open the app. Tap once on a light portion of the scene. Take a shot. Tap again on a dark portion of the scene. Take a shot. The app then combines the two shots into a true HDR rendering of the view. It even provides sliders to fine-tune Contrast, Saturation, and Color Temperature.

The results, right out of the app, can be impressive. Both of the shots here were then opened in PhotoGene on the iPhone for straightening, sharpening, and some levels and color adjustment before being directly uploaded to my Wide Eyed In Wonder SmugMug site from the phone (using SmugShot, a free app from SmugMug).

I certainly wish my real camera could do all of those things!

The iPhone does not record much in the way of EXIF data so all I can say is taken with the iPhone 4.

Processed as above.

From iPhone 4 HDR and Pano.