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Now You See Me

Eastern American Toad. This is why you always carry a second camera when digiscoping. You just never know what is going to hop across your path. Literally in this caseā€¦both the hop and the path part. He came to rest first under a clump of grasses beside the Kennebunk Bridle Path, which made getting an angle more than difficult, but then hopped out in the open before I had finished with him. Not that he is much more visible out in the open than under the grasses. Smile Such a handsome creature!

Canon SX20IS at full zoom, 560mm equivalent, and Macro. F5.7 @ 1/320th and 1/250th @ ISO 400. Programmed auto.

For the top shot, I had to use the flip out LCD on the Canon to get the angle, and then, finding the toad on that LCD at full zoom was a real challenge!

A touch of Fill Light and Blackpoint right in Lightroom. Added Clarity and just a bit of Vibrance. Sharpen narrow edges preset. Both images cropped slightly for composition.

From Around Home 2010.