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Still on Swallows

I was walking out the dyke trail at Scarborough Marsh one Saturday a few weeks ago when I came upon a group of Tree Swallows flocking in and out of a small tree by the bridge. The were swallows so they were never still, but this particular swallow remained in place long enough for me to get a sequence of images at close range. While the image above shows of the species to best effect, I like the one below for personality. He seems to be saying “You got a problem with that!”

Canon SD4000IS behind the eyepiece of a ZEISS DiaScope 65FL spotting scope for the equivalent field of view of a 1) 1800 mm and 2) 3000mm lens on a full frame DSLR. 1/1000th at ISO 200 and 1/640th at ISO 125. Programmed auto. Effective f5 and f8.

Slight Fill Light and Blackpoint right in Lightroom. Added Clarity and Vibrance. Sharpen narrow edges preset. Both images had to have Chromatic Aberration and Purple Fringing dealt with, as this is an absolutely worst case situation for both. If there is any of either present in the system it is going to show up in an image like these.

From Digiscoped New DiaScope 65FL