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Evening Sun on the Haunted House

Happy Sunday!

This is another iPhone HDR from the same evening walk that produced yesterdays pic. This house, exposed on the cliffs above the sea, has a local reputation for being haunted…I suspect it had the rep even before they used exterior shots in notorious movie 15 years ago. In stormy weather, especially in winter, it can look pretty grim. Here clouds were in the process of closing the western horizon, though the sun was still two hands above at 7:30PM in Southern Maine in August, but as I stood framing my shot, the sun broke out momentarily to light the rocks and house with that particular golden glow of evening. It actually happened between raising the iPhone a taking the first shot.

I don’t believe in chance, so I hit the capture button (twice, once for the sky and once for the landscape, since I was planning to use Pro HDR later to combine the images) as fast as I could. I would not want to appear either ungrateful or unappreciative of the Creator’s best efforts. Ever. Camera in hand captures the moment, but I hope one day to be just as sensitive, ready, and aware of what He is doing every second I am awake. Wouldn’t that be something?

Captured, processed, and posted completely on the iPhone 4. Camera app, Pro HDR, PhotoGene. In PhotoGene I straightened the horizon, sharpened the image, and adjusted the color temperature (since Pro HDR tends to make images warmer than life and the light on the rocks was way too intense). Uploaded to my Wide Eyed In Wonder gallery with SmugShot.

From iPhone4 HDR and Pano.