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The Colony

One of the more famous hotels in Kennebunkport, famous already in the Victorian era, is the Colony, perched on a rise about the outer harbo, looking out to sea over St. Anne’s Point, ideally and picturesquely placed. Cricket on the lawn anyone? Evening light, with the sun already off the landscape.

This is another iPhone HDR, using Pro HDR, and the funniest thing about it to me is that the upper gull is in the sky shot and the lower gull is in the land shot. ProHDR is one intelligent program if it can sort that out! Because I had the iPhone and camera tipped up, the wide-angle and vertical perspective distortion was pretty obvious. If I were using Lightroom 3, I would just have corrected it…however…being yet an iPhone purest with these shots, the best I could do is FotoFx’s wide-angle distortion and vertical perspective filters, which actually improved the shot quite a bit, though you might have to compare it to the original (as I have) to notice any difference. This is after adjusting levels and sharpening in PhotoGene. All iPhone HDR!

From iPhone4 HDR and Pano.