9/29/2010: Birch

Birch bark has always fascinated me. As a boy I kept a collection one summer, of the best scraps I had found, pretending, if memory serves me right, that they represented some kind of wealth. This snippet is from a foggy morning at Quoddy Head State park, and you can see the moisture saturating the bark…in both the natural and the photographic sense. Backing away a bit…and a bit further

You can see that even at these moderate distances you begin to see the effect of the fog…though it does not diminish the beauty of the birch.

Canon SX20IS at 1) 400mm equivalent @ f5.0 @ 1/30th @ ISO 200, 2) 170mm equivalent @ f4.5 @ 1/50th @ ISO 200, both in Landscape Program, and 3) 28mm equivalent @ f2.8 @ 1/125th @ ISO 160, Programmed Auto.

In Lightroom, a small amount of Recovery, some Fill Light and Blackpoint right, added Clarity and Vibrance, and Sharpen narrow edges preset.

From Quoddy Head and Lubec ME.

4 Responses to “9/29/2010: Birch”

  1. 1 Wendy Hollands
    09/29/2010 at 11:10 am

    wow what amazing textures here, awesome!

  2. 2 Virginia Nordin
    09/29/2010 at 1:14 pm

    I can understand your fascination with Birch bark! Very interesting. Up close, the macro shot is full of color and small undescribable patterns. Seeing the trees stripping, is wonderful.

  3. 3 Olivia
    09/30/2010 at 9:50 pm

    Those are unusual images. Great job with these images. I love the interesting textures of the bark.

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