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10/1/2010: mushrooms of Quoddy head

I have always been fascinated by mushrooms and fungi (even more so than birch bark). On this foggy morning in the forest of Quoddy Head, with everything dripping with moisture, the colors of the mushrooms and their surroundings, whether moss or litter, were particularly rich, and the light so soft and molding that it brought out the strange shapes to good effect. Each one of these deserves a view at full size (click the image). I always try for more than a record shot…I am not illustrating a field guide. The mushrooms are an element of composition and the image as a whole must be of interest.

We have a variety of framings here: from the full tel-macro (560mm equivalent)  of 1) to the super-macro at full wide (28mm equivalent) for 2), 3), and 5). All were shot on Programmed Auto and the ISO varies from 80 to 400. I used –2/3EV exposure compensation on all of them to preserve highlights in the dim light and dark surroundings.

Processed in Lighroom with a combination of Fill Light to open shadows, Blackpoint to increase color depth, Clarity and Vibrance and Sharpen.