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11/14/2010: Golden-fronted Woodpecker!

Yes, well, even the woodpeckers are more colorful in the Valley. This Golden-fronted Woodpecker, drawn to a peanut-butter and corn-meal mix at Salineno TX looks to me like something a child would have colored.

Here, with its head at an interesting angle, you can see the full effect. Golden-fronted, by the way, refers to the yellow on the forehead…as “fronted” does in all bird names (White-fronted Goose for instance has a white forehead.)

Digiscoped with the Canon SD4000IS, the ZEISS 15-56x Vario eyepiece, and the ZEISS DiaScope 65FL spotting scope. Processed in Lightroom.

This is from a set of images of Kiskadees and Green Jays all then the same day and the same place, and, as I was shooting them, the host at the Salineno Valley Land Trust sanctuary and some of the visitors, including me, were discussing what fun God must have had designing Kiskadees, Green Jays, and Golden-fronted Woodpeckers, and debating which one must have been the most fun. I might even have said that when I grow up I want that job. Let me loose with a box of crayons and some bird-like outlines.  Please. But, then, maybe it really does take a child’s mind and heart to imagine such creatures. Maybe you have to be willing to color outside the lines and with the wrong crayons. That would certainly resonate with what Jesus said about little children. However it works, I am, apparently, child enough to appreciate the joy that must have gone into such imaginative and, really, such unlikely creatures.